Tuesday, January 11, 2011

HPV Vaccines and Adverse Reactions: All in their Head or Adjuvant Syndrome?

By: Norma Erickson, President of SaneVax Inc.

11 January 2011

New Year’s Eve was a banner evening for independent researcher Grace Filby, not because of end-of-the-year celebrations, but because she discovered what may be one of the missing pieces of the puzzle surrounding HPV vaccines and the plethora of adverse side effects following in their wake.

Grace has been actively involved in the HPV vaccine controversy since the UK program began. New Year’s Eve, she received a request for help from a colleague and immediately decided to spend the day examining a detailed medical report about one of the first Cervarix casualties from 2008. This young girl began to experience intense pain, muscle weakness and vertigo within 30 minutes of her first and only injection. She ended up hospitalized for over a year suffering partial paralysis.

Though a long parade of eminent specialists could not determine whether the girl’s serious and long-term symptoms were vaccine-related, Munchhausen by proxy, or psychosomatic, Grace had already identified possible answers, such as the aluminum adjuvant added to the vaccine. Grace just may have uncovered evidence which confirms the theory.

She discovered a recently-published scientific paper titled, “ASIA – Autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants.” This paper outlines four autoimmune related medical conditions that share a similar set of complex signs and symptoms, thereby suggesting a common denominator needing further investigation. These conditions are siliconosis, Gulf War Syndrome, macrophagic myofasciitis, and post-vaccination phenomenon.

Post-vaccination phenomenon? Imagine Grace’s reaction when she learned the adverse events following vaccination she had been dealing with for so long, not only had a name – but also a clearly defined potential mechanism of action, and a clearly defined list of suggested criteria for diagnosis.

When Grace forwarded the information to the SaneVax Team, they began by trying to discover a little about the authors of this impressive paper. The team discovered the lead author is no obscure scientist seeking to establish a reputation.

The principal author, Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld is a physician, researcher, and head of the Department of Medicine at the Tel Aviv University. He has published over 1600 scientific papers in prestigious medical journals around the world. Dr. Shoenfeld has authored and/or edited 25 books dealing with autoimmune conditions, some of which have become cornerstones in science and clinical practice throughout the world. He is without a doubt one of the world’s foremost experts on autoimmune disorders.

His most recent scientific paper has monumental implications for vaccine-victims everywhere. To understand why, take a short trip through just one Gardasil victim’s story.

In June 2007, Brittney Fiste had her first injection of Gardasil; two months later, a second. Over three and a half years later, she is still fighting to completely recover from the adverse events she experienced after those two injections.

Since consenting to Gardasil vaccination, Brittney has seen over 40 specialists in various medical disciplines in a desperate attempt to discover the cause and cure for the multitude of ‘mysterious’ symptoms she has to deal with every day.

At least five of these specialists attribute Brittney’s symptoms to the HPV vaccine injections she received. One of them went so far as to say she would not have survived a third shot.

Some of the others, however, have diagnosed the cause of her health problems as stress, emotional disorders, ‘suspected’ disorders, psychiatric problems, and/or conversion disorder.

Still others have claimed the problems have been ‘imagined’ or ‘created’ by her parents (Munchhausen by proxy).

Some physicians have refused to see her once they were told a vaccine reaction was suspected.

These experiences are not uncommon for people who develop new medical conditions after vaccination. When that new medical condition has not yet been listed as a potential side effect for the vaccine administered, it is generally assumed to have been caused by some other factor.

By definition, any new medical condition after vaccination is an adverse event and should be reported. However, most people, including physicians, do not understand this.

For Brittney and her parents, it is nice to know that one of the world’s most pre-eminent authorities on autoimmune disorders admits vaccine injuries do occur and is actively working to determine the exact mechanisms of action leading up to them. They sincerely hope the news gets out to those battling vaccine injuries, whether they are victims or medical professionals.

In the meantime, Brittney has a mission. Instead of succumbing to her injuries, she chose to show the world what has happened in the hope she can save people from going through the same events she has experienced. She has produced multiple videos where she talks about her experiences, how her life and family has been affected, and issues warning messages to those considering HPV vaccination as a potential cancer prevention strategy.

If you, or someone you know, is considering HPV vaccination, Brittney would like you to watch this video first, then investigate before you decide whether the potential risks outweigh the potential benefits: Gardasil Injured Girl Speaks Out - Part 1

The SaneVax Team wants to know whether Dr. Shoenfeld’s findings will be circulated throughout the medical community, or buried under a mountain of studies conducted by those affiliated with the pharmaceutical industry? We want to know whether vaccine manufacturers will listen to him and attempt to help identify people who are at risk for vaccine-injuries, or do their best to discredit his findings as they have in the past when science conflicts with their agenda?





For more of Brittney’s story see: http://sanevax.org/victims/gardasil-silgard-usa.shtml

Photos courtesy of Grace Filby and Roxie Fiste.
Press release with photos attached.
Link to press release here.

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