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How to Create a Vaccine Safety Advocate


August 7, 2012

By Norma Erickson, President

Chris Tarsell: Gone but not forgotten

One would think everyone at the FDA and CDC would be a staunch vaccine safety advocate, but apparently that is not necessarily the case. How do you change a parent from someone who trusts their doctor and health authorities, following all of their advice into a determined vaccine safety advocate who is skeptical of health authorities?

Imagine for a moment you have one child, a lovely daughter, your pride and joy, who is away at college. She is the picture of health, bright, talented and athletic with dreams and ambitions, and well on her way to reaching her goals.

Then, one peaceful evening you hear a knock on the door. It is the police, there to inform you that your daughter was found dead in her bed for no apparent reason and with no signs of foul play. This happened in June 2008, when every parent’s worst nightmare became a reality for Emily Tarsell. Christina Tarsell had died in her sleep less than 3 weeks after her third and final injection of Gardasil®.

The nightmare continued. A complete autopsy could not determine a cause for her daughter’s death. Then after seeing a television interview with victims of Gardasil, Emily began to suspect a link between her daughter’s death and Gardasil.

Emily and her doctors filed reports with the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Amazingly, she received no communication from the CDC, FDA, or any other government agency charged with the investigation of deaths reported after vaccination. Apparently, talking to the parents of the deceased person is not a part of an investigation into the circumstances surrounding a death after vaccination. The CDC/FDA provided no answers.

Emily subsequently learned that Merck, the vaccine manufacturer, had filed a VAERS report stating falsely that a viral infection caused her daughter’s death, even though there was absolutely no evidence Chris had a viral infection. Emily challenged Merck about the false statement. She provided letters and documents from doctors to show there was no evidence to support Merck’s statements. It took a year before Merck back downed from their false statement.

Finding no help from governmental authorities, Emily had no choice but to investigate on her own. Since Chris’s death, she has learned that the vaccine was falsely advertised and there is no evidence it will prevent cervical cancer. She was never informed that Chris was at low risk of developing cervical cancer and that the incidence of cervical in this country is very low. She realized consumers are intentionally uninformed by the medical and pharmaceutical establishment. If the true risks and benefits were known, consumers would decline the vaccine.

She has met and grieved with many other families whose daughters were injured or died following Gardasil. She co-authored a study based on victim’s reports which shows a strong correlation between adverse symptoms and increasing doses of Gardasil (Report concerning a survey of adverse events following inoculations with Gardasil). She now realizes, as the nightmare continues, that her only daughter died from a vaccine she didn’t need that serves little to no public or private good.

These three astounding discoveries changed Emily from a trusting medical consumer into a dedicated vaccine safety advocate:
  1. The apparent lack of initiative or concern by health authorities who are supposed to investigate adverse reactions and deaths following vaccination
  2. False reports from the vaccine manufacturer.
  3. False advertising regarding the safety and efficacy of Gardasil and lack of true information about cervical cancer prior to injections.
Emily has made it her personal mission to spread the word in the hope of preventing other families from experiencing what she has. She works tirelessly to make sure people have all the facts so they can decide whether Gardasil® benefits outweigh the risks prior to consenting to vaccination

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Friday, August 3, 2012


Before you become a victim, investigate before you vaccinate. The life you save may be your child's.

Victim of Gardasil Vaccine: Naomi from Australia

Naomi from Australia

Naomi, Australia: Prior to Gardasil, Naomi was a happy, healthy 25 year old completing her Bachelor’s degree while working full-time in administration. She was about to embark on a Post Graduate Degree in Journalism. Despite being kept busy by work and study, she found the time to go out with friends and dance at their favorite club almost every weekend.
During 2008 and 2009, Naomi’s health mysteriously began to deteriorate into a myriad of inexplicable symptoms including dizziness, nausea, joint pain, a collapsing knee, loss of balance, chronic fatigue and weakness.
Even though she visited a multitude of health professionals, including both general practitioners and specialists, who performed a broad range of tests; no one was able to say what was wrong with her.
Tests confirmed an autoimmune reaction and an MRI showed some demyelination in Naomi’s brain similar to that experienced by MS patients. However, nothing was definitive. She was given pain killers and steroids, but no real explanation.

Just prior to Christmas in 2009, Naomi by chance read an article in the newspaper about a possible link between Gardasil and multiple sclerosis.
She collected her medical file and created a timeline. It showed that her symptoms had begun within weeks of receiving her first vaccination. The onset of the worst symptoms coincided with the receipt of her last vaccination. Immediately, she began to research on the internet. What she discovered was a plethora of other girls with stories just like hers.
Fourteen months after her last vaccination, Naomi is still on steroids. She was forced to discontinue her post graduate studies. She is unable to work full time and sometimes unable to work at all. Naomi still experiences daily symptoms including chronic fatigue and some neurological difficulties.
Despite maintaining a brave face throughout the Gardasil ordeal, Naomi feels like a shadow of who she once was or, could have been.
Naomi created this video, based on her experiences. She would like anyone who is considering an HPV vaccine to watch her video first. You can access it through the following link:
Written by Norma Erickson, Vaccines Examiner

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

.Shaw and Tomljenovich: Estimates of HPV Vaccine Safety and Efficacy

Christopher Shaw and Lucija Tomljenovic have once again hit the nail on the head when it comes to revealing the truth behind HPV vaccination policies and practices. Parents, you owe it to your child to be informed. INVESTIGATE BEFORE YOU VACCINATE.

Shaw and Tomljenovich: Estimates of HPV Vaccine Safety and Efficacy

[SaneVax: Christopher Shaw and Lucija Tomljenovic have once again hit the nail on the head when it comes to revealing the truth behind HPV vaccination policies and practices. In a recent letter to the editor of the American Journal of Public Health, they disclose that when comparing the adverse events reported after Gardasil to all other vaccines in the targeted age group, Gardasil alone is associated with over 60% of all serious adverse reactions in the VAERS database, including over 80% of all permanent disabilities. As a parent, are you willing to have your daughter risk permanent disability or death to take a vaccine that has not been proven to prevent a single case of cervical cancer?]

Who Profits From Uncritical Acceptance of Biased Estimates of Vaccine Efficacy and Safety?

Tomljenovic L, Shaw CA.


At the time of the writing, Lucija Tomljenovic and Christopher A. Shaw were with the Neural Dynamics Research Group, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.


We read with great interest the analysis by Mello et al.(1) on how Merck & Co., Inc. (Merck) influenced state human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination policymaking. The exclusive reliance on Merck for scientific information on behalf of the legislators is unfortunate, especially in the light of independent research which has repeatedly warned that drug companies may manipulate clinical trial designs and subsequent data analysis and reporting to make their drugs look better and safer.(2-4) Indeed, careful scrutiny of Gardasil clinical trials shows that their design, as well as data reporting and interpretation, were largely inadequate.(4-6) (Am J Public Health. Published online ahead of print July 19, 2012: e1-e2. doi:10.2105/AJPH.2012.300837).
Access entire article via this link, or email the authors via the links above.