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The Five Things You REALLY Need to Know about HPV Vaccines

By Tony Isaacs, Contributing Author
After the political tempest about Gardasil and mandatory HPV vaccinations which began at the GOP Tea Party debate, CNN posted an article on September 14th titled “The five things you need to know about the HPV debate”. The article could scarcely have been more pro-HPV vaccination than if Gardasil manufacturer Merck had ghost written it (a practice Merck is known for).

The article contended that the HPV vaccine controversy was mostly political and that HPV vaccines were safe. It also noted that we have been vaccinating children for many years. Besides missing the obvious difference between vaccinating against diseases spread by social contact in schools versus sexual contact in later years, the article’s contention that HPV vaccines are safe is a complete whitewash of the truth.

For those who prefer the truth over mainstream propaganda, here are five things you really need to know about HPV vaccines:

1. Merck needed a new cash cow to replace the billions in profits lost due to its evil drug Vioxx finally being pulled from the market after it caused upwards of 50,000 deaths. Gardasil became the new cash cow heir apparent. Contrary to mainstream misinformation, Gardasil has not been proven to be safe in either the short or the long term. Instead, Merck has once again used deception to portray it as safe and ignored evidence of harm, the same as they did with Vioxx when they hid evidence of harm, rigged studies, and paid scientists and doctors to put their name on articles and papers supporting Vioxx..

In the initial safety tests where Gardasil was compared against a placebo, instead of using a truly benign placebo such as saline solution Merck used a placebo which was identical to the Gardasil vaccine minus only the HPV virus components.
In addition to sodium chloride and water, the placebo also contained aluminum, polysorbate 80 and sodium borate.

Aluminum is a dangerous toxic metal. Even small amounts are deposited in the brain and it has been linked to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease as well as memory loss and speech problems which mimic those diseases. It has also been linked to a wide variety of other health problems.
Side effects and severe allergic reactions listed for aluminum include rash, hives, itching, difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue, loss of appetite, muscle weakness, nausea, slow reflexes, and vomiting.

According to the Polysorbate 80 Material Safety Data Sheet, it may be carcinogenic as well as mutagenic. When injected into prepubescent rats, polysorbate 80 caused abnormal growth of reproductive organs and made the rats sterile. When used intravenously with vitamins it has been known to cause anaphylactic shock.

Sodium borate is widely known for its use as a roach pesticide. The U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health have declared sodium borate to be a dangerous poison. Listed side effects include: vomiting, collapse, coma, convulsions, low blood pressure and twitching of facial muscles, arms, hands, legs, and feet.

Many of the side effects for aluminum, polysorbate 80 and sodium borate coincide with those of the Gardasil victims who have been injured and killed by the vaccine. Thus it comes as no surprise that the side effects for the Gardasil vaccine in Merck’s trials were no greater than those of the toxic placebo they selected.

An analysis of the actual trial data for Gardasil reveals that a shocking 73.3 percent of the participants who received Gardasil acquired a new medical condition ranging from flu-like symptoms to paralysis. Almost 60% had systemic reactions. Though the “placebo” recipients had similar results, obviously no mere saline solution would have produced even a fraction of such reactions. The results would likely have been even higher if the study had lasted longer than 15 days.

2. Studies have actually shown that Gardasil and its sister vaccine Cervarix (from GlaxoSmithKline) provide no protection for women already exposed to the HPV virus and in fact present highly elevated risks for already exposed women as well as for expectant mothers.
The more sexually active a woman is, the greater the chances she will become exposed to HPV viruses. Likewise, the older a woman is the more sexual encounters she will likely have had and thus the greater the risk of HPV exposure. Information provided for the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) in May 2006 revealed that when the vaccine is administered to a woman with a dormant or harmless form of HPV, the virus can become activated, increasing the likelihood of precancerous lesions developing by a staggering 44.6 percent.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has reported 45 cases of spontaneous abortion, or miscarriage, following vaccination with Gardasil. At the time the vaccine was approved, five babies had been born with congenital birth defects after their mothers had been immunized with Gardasil, as opposed to a placebo group that had zero. Later reports put the number of birth defects in the vaccinated group closer to 40.

3. Just this month it was announced that Gardasil has been discovered to be contaminated with a substance many government health and safety agencies classify as a bio-hazard. After months of research, SANE Vax Inc. has discovered a substance many government health and safety agencies classify as a bio-hazard. SANE Vax Inc. contracted with an independent lab to test for contamination and found HPV recombinant DNA (rDNA) in 100% of the samples tested. The 13 Gardasil vials, with different lot numbers were from New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Poland, France, and three states in the U.S. All contaminating recombinant HPV DNA was firmly attached to the aluminum adjuvant in the vaccine.

4. The lack of dangers in the prescribing information furnished to doctors by Merck and the VAERS requirement that only serious and life-threatening events be reported both likely play big roles in the under-reporting of Gardasil reactions. Doctors are reluctant to report deaths and injuries from anything they administered or performed in the first place, and the lack of information and guidelines have insured that they are far less likely to report anywhere near all the adverse reactions from Gardasil.

Other factors which help skew the picture of Gardasil dangers include:

*The rate of deaths and adverse reactions are reported as a percentage of doses distributed, not doses actually administered.
*Gardasil is given in a series of three injections. Thus the number of adverse reactions per number of patients is triple the adverse events per injection.
Even with under-reporting, Gardasil causes 400% more deaths than other common vaccines. The true magnitude of Gardasil’s harm and dangers could be horrendous. Reports for other vaccine deaths and adverse reactions are estimated to represent no more than 10% of the actual totals. With Gardasil, estimates range as low as only 1%.
If 10% are reporting, there could be as many as 690 deaths and over 190,000 adverse events from HPV vaccines in theU.S.and its territories alone. If only 1% of deaths and adverse events have been reported, the numbers could be 6, 900 deaths and over 1,900,000 adverse events.
5. Behind Gardasil’s huge trail of deception is a very large and mostly hidden trail of tears. If anyone doubts that Gardasil is causing deaths, permanent injuries and devastation of mothers, fathers and other family members they should check out the SANEVAX vaccine safety site created by mothers of daughters killed and injured by HPV vaccines ( There, they will find story after story illustrating the harm HPV vaccines can cause.

Here are just two examples:
“What is Wrong with the Gardasil Girls? Amy’s Story”
“The journey of a Gardasil victim’s mother from trusting vaccines to vaccine activist”
Parents and the general public richly deserve to be told the full truth to keep that trail from leading to an ever larger ocean of suffering.

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